Artemis 9000/EX

Offering unrivaled power and flexibility in the Project Management marketspace

Flexible Project Management


Customize Processes

Create and run processes that match your business requirements. Access to the information that is critical for the way your business works, delivered to the key stakeholders as it happens.


Manage the Largest Projects

Process the largest and most complex scheduling requirements in seconds. Artemis 9000/EX can handle plans in excess of one million activities with ease.


Manipulate Data Instantaneously

Edit, review, sort and manipulate data and get an instantaneous response, even for the largest and most complex plans.

Raw Power combined with Ease of Use


Less Clicks. More Results.

The newly updated UI gives non-power users the ability to tap into all the back-end power of Artemis 9000/EX with a user-friendly front-end.


Keeping Everyone In The Loop

Artemis results are available in a variety of output formats, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest updates as they happen, including email alerts delivered to hand-held devices.


The Complete Package

Artemis 9000/EX offers a unique combination of flexibility, scalability and ease of use which is unrivalled in the marketplace.

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