Product and Project Planning for a Complex World

The Accept360 suite enables you to collect, organize, and manage product requirements, ideas, product strategies and portfolios, and agile execution information all in one place. It allows your entire product organization to view all product planning and execution data in context with your business goals, priorities, and development implications, while keeping everything in sync as conditions change.

Great products don’t just happen. They require careful planning. That’s where Accept Software comes in. Our solutions help you simplify, manage, and automate highly complex product planning processes so you can deliver more valuable products to more customers faster and with less effort.

The difference between successful and failed products and projects is often one or more of the following: a failure to determine and maintain priorities from concept to delivery, lost or undiscovered requirements, underplayed or missed market opportunities or competitive threats, an inability to respond to customers or mismanagement of precious, human resources. In many cases, the cause of these problems can be directly attributed to how the product/project team acquires and manages information.

For most businesses today, product and project planning is still carried out using point/task-based tools and spreadsheets. This approach silos data and forces product teams to expend great effort keeping information connected in order to establish, maintain and communicate priorities. These tools are adequate when there is little complexity; however, when organizational, business or market complexities increase, using these methods and practices to manage multiple silos of disconnected information becomes problematic.

Accept Software has modernized the way companies capture, prioritize, and communicate the information associated with product and project planning. This approach results in more effective collaboration, enhanced visibility, and better control of product and project priorities even in the face of ongoing change. This in turn reduces time-to-market, improves product/market fit, executive decision-making and team productivity, which ultimately leads to improved performance in the market.

From ideation through execution, Accept360 provides real-time visibility into the state of products and projects. Ideas and requirements are organized by strategic priority and can be tracked from their market origins through to implementation. The Accept360 suite helps companies reduce time to market, share a single version of the truth, prioritize based on “real” market information and make better decisions at ALL levels.

Idea Management

Collaborate more effectively on ideas with customers, employees, and partners to bring more valuable products to market faster.

  • More simply capture, organize, prioritize, and manage product ideas and requests from anyone.
  • Gain greater certainty about which ideas to include and which to kill and why.
  • Easily turn ideas into product requirements and features that support your strategic goals.
Requirements Management

Go from requirements chaos to clear insight and deliver products of higher value to your business.

  • Manage, organize, and prioritize requirements collaboratively and in real-time from anywhere on the planet.
  • Base requirements on quantifiable market data with full context as to their rationale, tradeoffs, and strategic priority.
  • Get products out faster by seamlessly connecting requirements with all product planning and development activities.
Strategy & Product Portfolio Management

Get more from product investments by seamlessly linking corporate goals to customer needs, product strategy, planning, and execution.

  • Gain analytical insight to invest in products that will be most profitable for your business.
  • More easily adjust strategies and priorities as conditions change to maximize market opportunities.
  • Go from strategy to activity in just days, not the weeks and months that point tools require.
Agile Management

Bring quality products to market sooner by keeping even your most demanding product development efforts not just on track, but on the right track.

  • Freely collaborate and communicate across product and development teams, product lines, and organizations.
  • Keep the most important priorities in sight from global team backlogs throughout all sprints and iterations.
  • Streamline what it takes to ensure that all essential features are present and accounted for – and on time.






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